Utility Scale Solar Design & Engineering

GDIsolar designs and engineers utility scale solar PV and energy storage projects for developers, EPCs, utilities, independent power producers (IPPs), co-ops, and municipal utilities.

Utility developers, asset owners, and EPCs rely on GDIsolar to create front-of-the-meter systems that maximise energy production while minimising PV system inefficiencies, labour and equipment costs, and BOS costs.

Utility independent engineering services and project reviews provided by GDIsolar reduce the risk of project delays and financial losses due to technical, permitting, and interconnection errors.

Utility scale solar design and engineering services provided by GDIsolar include:

  • Design concepts and feasibility studies are in the early stages.
  • Ground-mounted designs with a fixed tilt
  • Designs for single-axis and dual-axis trackers
  • Utility solar designs that make use of bifacial modules
  • Design of a medium voltage utility system
  • Design of a high-voltage utility system
  • arc flash research
  • Central and string inverter designs
  • Engineering for SCADA
  • Technical due diligence for utility power purchase agreements (PPAs) to maximise performance
  • Floatovoltaic systems (floating photovoltaic)
  • Design of interconnections and feasibility studies
  • Modeling of energy storage for utility applications such as frequency regulation, voltage or reactive power support, system peak shaving, and so on.
  • Processing and troubleshooting of interconnection applications
  • Design of utility infrastructure upgrades and mitigation strategies
  • Database of real-time requirements
  • Meetings/response letters
  • Single-line preliminary diagrams with electrical engineering stamps.
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