Storage Financial Modeling & Technology Consulting

GDIsolar engineers provide consultation for energy storage financial modelling, solar-plus-storage energy management, battery management software consulting, and technical consulting in addition to solar energy storage design services.

We consult on:

  • Battery product warranty and degradation modeling over time, based on site-specific dynamics and use-case application
  • Effects of depth of discharge, round-trip efficiency (AC-to-AC, including auxiliary loads and HVAC)
  • MWh throughput
  • Thermal management
  • Unique tariff rates
  • System sizing
  • Financial performance optimization
  • Incentives: ITC compliance, SGIP, MACRs, Smart Program
  • System configuration: AC vs. DC coupling
  • PV-plus-storage, stand-alone storage, PV-plus-storage-plus-generators, micro-grids
  • Daily and annual demand profile visualisation
  • Detailed cash flow and financial analysis
  • Utility interconnection optimisation: non-export, export, net-metering, gross-metering¬†
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