Design of Solar Microgrids

GDIsolar creates and engineers solar microgrids for residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. Each microgrid project can include multiple power generation sources as well as energy storage. We collaborate with cutting-edge technology and energy management firms to provide resilient, dependable, and cost-effective power for customised microgrid applications.

GDIsolar understands the challenges of designing cost-effective and dependable solar microgrids, such as complying with utility regulations, selecting the appropriate energy management software, and engineering multiple energy systems to work seamlessly on or off-grid.

Our microgrid engineers begin by consulting with clients to determine the project’s objectives. Then, we design the most cost-effective and dependable combination of power generation, energy storage, and software, ensuring that it meets the requirements of the utility and local authorities with jurisdiction.

Applications for Solar Microgrids :

Modern microgrids can power a wide range of critical energy applications in homes, businesses, municipalities, schools, hospitals, municipalities, and the military. GDIsolar creates solar systems for the following applications:

Backup generation for commercial and industrial applications, peak shaving, and emergency power.

Stability of the grid

Resilience and dependability of the grid

Critical facility disaster relief/emergency power systems (hospitals, schools, universities, emergency shelters, resorts)

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are used in data centres, bitcoin and currency mining, and other applications.

Grids for islands

Infrastructure projects for renewable energy in developing countries

Remote facility infrastructure and operations support for mining, oil, and drilling

Rural recreation facilities and off-grid cabins

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Power Generation Sources for Microgrids :

  • Solar PV
  • Wind
  • Diesel
  • Natural gas
  • Propane generators
  • Grid-tied
  • Off-grid
  • Combined with energy storage

Your Solar Microgrid Solutions Provider :

Are you interested in installing a solar microgrid for your business? GDIsolar is the industry leader in solar microgrid design, engineering, and development. Contact our solar microgrid firm today to speak with one of our knowledgeable solar engineers.

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