Design & Engineering Solar Energy Storage

GDISolar is a market leader in energy storage. Our engineers are pioneers in solar energy storage, including battery design, technologies, codes, utility policies, and permitting. GDISolar can support your solar energy storage project with a full suite of design and engineering services, whether you’re installing solar energy storage for the first time or have years of experience.

We offer complete permit-ready solar energy storage design packages and consulting services for your storage project, whether it is lithium or flow batteries, grid-tied or off-grid, with or without fuel-based generators.

Permit Packages for Solar Energy Storage :

GDISolar creates solar energy storage systems that are tailored to your specific technology, application, and the needs of local AHJs and utilities. Permit packages for solar energy storage typically include the following items:

  • Project description
  • Construction notes
  • Governing codes
  • Site plan
  • Site specifications
  • PV layout
  • Mounting & racking methods
  • Three-line electrical diagram
  • Electrical calculations
  • Electrical elevations
  • Parts List
  • Required Safety Placards

Other Services for Solar Energy Storage

GDIsolar creates solar energy storage systems for homes, businesses, industries, farms, utilities, and microgrids. Among our services are:

  • Utility and permit processing electrical single-line and three-line diagrams
  • Modeling the performance and sizing of battery storage systems
  • Optimization of solar PV-plus-storage system sizing
  • Schedules for storage O&M and battery augmentation
  • Design of a self-contained energy storage system for peak shaving, backup, UPS, and emergency applications.
  • Load testing, degradation testing, and FTC compliance testing Designs for DC- or AC-coupled energy storage systems
  • Utility interconnection for solar energy storage
  • Solar energy storage technology comparisons (e.g., lithium vs. flow batteries vs. flywheel vs. others)
  • Solar energy storage financial modelling for sales proposals: residential, commercial, industrial, and utility
  • Electrical and structural PE stamps for all 50 states and jurisdictions
  • Processing for California SGIP and SOMAH solar-plus-storage applications

Solar-Plus-Storage Modeling Services

GDISolar’s engineers have created proprietary solar-plus-storage modelling tools for designing cost-effective systems for all solar energy storage applications, demand charge reduction, frequency regulation, spinning reserve, transmission support, and other applications.

Technologies for Solar Energy Storage

Unlike other energy storage companies, GDIsolar’s engineers are unbiased when it comes to solar energy storage technology and chemistry. We create solar-plus-storage systems for all battery chemistries and manufacturers, such as:

Tesla, Sonnen, LG, Panasonic’s Pika Energy, Sony, Enphase, StorEDGE, SimpliPhi, and others manufacture lithium (Li-ION, LFP, NMC, NCA, and so on).

Avalon, Vionix, Primus, VRB, and UET are examples of “true” flow batteries (vanadium, iron-chromium).

ESS, Primus, and other “hybrid” flow batteries (zinc-bromine, iron-iron, zinc-iron, and so on).

Lead acetate (advanced, traditional, etc.)


The flywheel (Amber Kinetics)

Other patented storage technologies.

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